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App Backup & Restore 6.7.8 & 3.1.2 Pro (Mod Pro + Lite + Ad-Free + Xtreme Mo.d By RB)

App Backup & Restore (Ad-Free + Mod Lite + Xtreme Mo.d by RB)

"Light APP Extractor to back-up APK/Contact/SMS/Call log to Local & SD & Cloud"


App Backup Restore use accessibility services to improve auto uninstall feature in some devices.
Auto Backup, Restore, Transfer your Apps and Personal data for FREE.
App Backup Restore – Transfer is a simple apk assistant.
App Backup Restore – Transfer CANNOT back up or restore your apps’data, it’s a apk assistant that can back-up apk files only.
Easiest Backup & Restore Apps、Contacts、SMS、Call logs to Internal storage of phone / External SD card.
Upload & Download backups to Google Drive .
Never lose your data again! App Backup Restore - Transfer can Backup & Restore apk files of apps that are not frequently used to save storage of phone. Easiest Backup & Restore multi versions to a…


Hey Guys, RB is back.

I had given a statement like-

"I want to inform you all that I am very busy in some personal work, and not able to mod & upload. So thats why, rockmods is offline from some days. I am really sorry for that.

We will rock again. #Stay Tuned"



Twilight Pro 9.4 b310 (Mod Lite + Special Mod)

Twilight Pro(Mod Lite & Special Mod)

"Blue light filter for healthy circadian rhythm - gain one hour of sleep"

Are you having trouble falling asleep? Are your kids hyperactive when playing with the tablet before bed time?
Are you using your smart phone or tablet in the late evening? Twilight may be a solution for you! Recent research suggests that exposure to blue light before sleep may distort your natural (circadian) rhythm and cause inability to fall asleep. The cause is the photoreceptor in your eyes, called Melanopsin. This receptor is sensitive to a narrow band of blue light in the 460-480nm range which may suppress Melatonin production - a hormone responsible for your healthy sleep-wake cycles. In experimental scientific studies it has been shown an average person reading on a tablet or smart phone for a couple of hours before bed time may find their sleep delayed by about an hour. The Twilight app makes your device screen adapt to the time of the day. It filters the flu…

Zarchiver Pro 0.9.2 test7 b9215 (Dona.te Patched + Mo.d Lite)

ZArchiver Pr.o (Mod Lite)

"The best compressing zip/7z app!"

ZArchiver is the bestest app to compress files, roms, secure any file through zipping it with password. and here we r back with Zarchiver 0.9.0 for arm/arm64/x86 devices.
and hurray, PR.O veesion is patched. and Mod lite also.
its the latest zarchiver crack.ed Donat.e Patc.hed Version. ENJOY

ZArchiver Donate - a special version of ZArchiver for donating to project.
Advantages of Pro version:
- Light and dark theme;
- Password storage;
- Image preview in archive;
- Editing the files in the archive (see notes); ZArchiver - is a program for archive management. It has a simple and functional interface.

ZArchiver lets you:

- Create the following archive types: 7z (7zip), zip, bzip2 (bz2), gzip (gz), XZ, tar;
- Decompres the following archive types: 7z (7zip), zip, rar, rar5, bzip2, gzip, XZ, iso, tar, arj, cab, lzh, lha, lzma, xar, tgz, tbz, Z, deb, rpm, zipx, mtz, chm, dmg, cpio, cramfs, img (fat, ntfs, ubf), wim, ecm, a…

Simple Control 2.6.6 [Premium + Unlocked + Mod Lite] + Screen Off [add on]

Simple Control Virgo
(Navbar For Android)
"Navigation bar
Home button
Back button
Recent button
Button savior"

Save your Phone Keys. Best for old Smartphone having damaged Navigation keys(home,recent,back) & Volume keys
-Rock Bhaskar

* This application is for users who have trouble using buttons.

* Replace a failed and broken buttons.


* 'ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE' are used only for the following functions :
 - Home
 - Back
 - Recent
 - Show power menu
 - Show noti panel
 - Show quick setting

* The 'ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE' of SimpleControl will never access your personal and sensitive information.

* Required
    -> Setting
    -> Accessibility
    -> Simple Control [ON]

* Functions
- Home
- Back
- Recent
- Power menu
- Camera
- Noti panel
- Search
- Quick Setting
- Screen capture
- Volume control
- Voice command

- Fix minor bugs.

App Info:

App name : Simple Control

Package Name : ace.jun.simplecontrol

Developer: co…

Xender 4.2.2 b402 Prime (No Ads) Patched

Xender Prime
"#1 Transfer Tool! Zero Data Usage! Real Fast!"

Xender - best sharing app fulfilling all your sharing needs ☆ Share any type of files in any places at any time
☆ Absolutely without mobile data usage
☆ 200 times Bluetooth transfer speed
☆ Supports Android, IOS, Tizen, Windows, PC/ Mac cross-platform transferring
☆ No need for USB connection and PC software installation
☆ The choice of Over 500 Million users
☆ Over 100 million files transferred daily
☆ Play all music and videos
☆ Wifi file transfer master 【Main features】Transfer files with flash speed
Imagine sending your party video to friends in seconds! The highest speed can reach 40Mb/s. ☆ Share all kinds of files without restrictions
Transfer anything you want, from documents, music, pictures, to videos and apps. ☆ Free of network connection
No cables, no internet, no data usage! You can transfer files to friends anywhere and anytime. ☆ Send large files without limitation
Sharing photos, music, videos, app…