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App Backup & Restore 6.7.8 & 3.1.2 Pro (Mod Pro + Lite + Ad-Free + Xtreme Mo.d By RB)

App Backup & Restore (Ad-Free + Mod Lite + Xtreme Mo.d by RB)

"Light APP Extractor to back-up APK/Contact/SMS/Call log to Local & SD & Cloud"


App Backup Restore use accessibility services to improve auto uninstall feature in some devices.
Auto Backup, Restore, Transfer your Apps and Personal data for FREE.
App Backup Restore – Transfer is a simple apk assistant.
App Backup Restore – Transfer CANNOT back up or restore your apps’data, it’s a apk assistant that can back-up apk files only.
Easiest Backup & Restore Apps、Contacts、SMS、Call logs to Internal storage of phone / External SD card.
Upload & Download backups to Google Drive .
Never lose your data again! App Backup Restore - Transfer can Backup & Restore apk files of apps that are not frequently used to save storage of phone. Easiest Backup & Restore multi versions to a…


Hey Guys, RB is back.

I had given a statement like-

"I want to inform you all that I am very busy in some personal work, and not able to mod & upload. So thats why, rockmods is offline from some days. I am really sorry for that.

We will rock again. #Stay Tuned"



Xender 4.2.2 b402 Prime (No Ads) Patched

Xender Prime
"#1 Transfer Tool! Zero Data Usage! Real Fast!"

Xender - best sharing app fulfilling all your sharing needs ☆ Share any type of files in any places at any time
☆ Absolutely without mobile data usage
☆ 200 times Bluetooth transfer speed
☆ Supports Android, IOS, Tizen, Windows, PC/ Mac cross-platform transferring
☆ No need for USB connection and PC software installation
☆ The choice of Over 500 Million users
☆ Over 100 million files transferred daily
☆ Play all music and videos
☆ Wifi file transfer master 【Main features】Transfer files with flash speed
Imagine sending your party video to friends in seconds! The highest speed can reach 40Mb/s. ☆ Share all kinds of files without restrictions
Transfer anything you want, from documents, music, pictures, to videos and apps. ☆ Free of network connection
No cables, no internet, no data usage! You can transfer files to friends anywhere and anytime. ☆ Send large files without limitation
Sharing photos, music, videos, app…

DirectChat Pr.o(ChatHeads) 1.7.5 Mo.d Lite

Direct Chat Pr.o (ChatHeads)
"Create Facebook Messenger like ChatHeads for any app or messenger!"

DirectChat allows you to create ChatHeads for any app or messenger. It manages all your conversation in one place to help you to have a convenient conversation without interrupting your current task such that you can read and reply to all messages without ever coming online. It comes with more than 20 messengers support by default. It is also suitable if you want all your notifications to appear in ChatHeads. You can also customize the chat appearance to suit your needs with different colors and transparency.
ChatHead Support for all apps
Privacy Mode - Read and reply all your messages without coming online and hide last seen!
MultiWindow/MultiTasking - Chat over the top of any window!
Clean Arrangement - New ChatHeads will appear on top of each other in the form of stack and won't clutter your window.
DND Mode - Pause the ChatHead Service temporary and stop receivi…

[FIRST ON NET] Headspace:Meditation & Mindfulness 3.7.0 ( Full Unlocked)

(Meditation & Mindfulness)
Full Unlocked
"Helpful guided meditation sessions to help you breathe, sleep, relax & focus."

Get the most out of your day with the Headspace meditation app. We’ll help you focus, breathe, stay calm, perform at your best and get a better night’s rest through the life-changing skills of relaxation, meditation and mindfulness. In just a few minutes a day, you’ll learn how to train your mind and body for a healthier, stress-free and happier life. Need a bit of stress relief during a rough day or guidance on how to sleep well at night? Headspace can help. All you have to do is download our free meditation and mindfulness app. Then just sit back, relax and breathe.
What our meditation and sleep app does:
○The Headspace app teaches you how to breathe, meditate and live mindfully. It’s even been proven to improve focus. There are exercises on everything from managing anxiety and stress to breathing, happiness, calm and focus. Plus, we have sp…

Happy Independence Day India : Tribute by RB

So Guyz, I am Rock Bhaskar and I am an Indian, My motherland is India, And I love it so much, It has many great core features, that still make it the greatest country in the world. So On the 72nd Independence Day of My Country, India, LET ME INTRODUCE YOU, SOME WALLPAPERS AND A HOMESCREEN SETUP FOR YOU.
1. Pack 1 -5 Walls (2017) Click Here (Direct Download, No ads) 2. Pack 2 -10 Walls (2018) Click Here to Download ( No ads)
-HomeScreen Setup-

Installation of Apps(RB Launcher, Zooper Widget, Icon Pack Studio) & Full Tutorial(How to use and Apply all things)- Click here
HomeScreen Data(to be applied on Apps) Zooper Template + Wall- Click here to direct Download ( No Ads)


Launcher Setting-

1. Desktop Setting-

Grid- 9×5 [Acco to 1080×1920 resolution, 1920/1080 = 1.77, Horizontal icons(Column) = 5, so Vertical icons(row) = 5×1.77 = 8.88=9,
If your resolution is diffrent, calculate like this method)
Margin - None
Hide Status Bar - Ticked/Unticked As u wish
Hide S…

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 official Wallpapers For Redmi Note 4 & Other 1080×1920 Devices & Other Wallpaper Collection

As All we know, Just 3 days ago, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was launched And Samsung is really a true android flagship oem. galaxy note 9 price is around 67000 to 85000. Their official Wallpapers are as beautiful and awesome As their Galaxy Flasgship Smartphone series. So here i am back to provide you original 12 wallapapers of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with resized version to 1080×1920 Resolution which most of the android device has. Here is Some Previews of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wallpapers

Download here
Official (10.8 MB) | Resized (1.88 MB)

One Plus 6 Official Wallpapers(4K + 18:9) & Resized to 1080×1920 + NEVER SETTLE Added By RB (For Redmi Note 4 & Other Major devices)

Hello Guyz, Yesterday night, op6 official walls by Hampus Ollson are out. So I fixed them , resized to 1080×1920 and Never settle is also added . Default Never Settle Added walls are not resized because the NS text will get damaged look. Well Enjoy.