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Make your Phone Android P: Full Ui Package For Non root 5.1+ Android Devices

Android P Full Ui Package for Non Root 5.1+ Android Devices
Hello Friends, Here , RB IS BACK. Android L is just launched and preview is also released to pixel and some non pixel devices like Mi, Nokia, one plus etc. But Some OEMs dont care about the updates + everyone is not so pro to install custom roms and all. So here ,i am presenting you full setup to make your phone Android P.

1. Android P Status Bar
To Have Stock android Status bar, all versions after 5.0 lollipop, have almost same material status bar. So to have the status bar like that, you can use Material status bar App.

Its from the same developer who has released later material notification shade.
Just Give overlay and accesibility Permission and you are good to go.
It features 3 types of looks like flat, material and gradient. Clock locations and many many more features.
NOTE- If you have a redmi device , then you can apply theme too, to have similar stock android status bar look. But You cant customize it.

Material Status …

Faded Orange Lambo : GBWhatsApp/RBWhatsApp Custom Themes By RB

Hey Guyz, RB is back.
Here, I am Gonna share all my themes , Made by Me. For RBWhatsApp/GBWhatsApp.

RBWHATSAPP/GBWHATSAPP are diffrent whatsapp from original one. These whatsapp m.ods support customization and theming at a whole new level. Thats the main feature of whatsapp mo.ds by the way.
In theming, RBWA supports- Front Main Chat Screen Calls Screen Status Screen Chat Conversation Screen Attach Pop up Emoji Bar Text Entry Bar Main Screen Header Chats Screen Header Notifications Pop up and more.

So U can customize your RBWA/GBWA by applying any theme or make your own theme.
Its that simple.
1.Go to download themes and Apply any online theme u like.
2.Download any theme from any site like, my theme. copy it to /internal storage/whatsapp/themes/saved/ and go to more options and load the theme.

Use Category 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 in RBMODS / GBSETTING to make your own theme.

ENJOY RBWhatsApp : Best WhatsApp Mod Ever