How to get ultimate battery backup in Any Android : TIPS BY RB


Hey Guyz,RB IS BACK.

 I am using android from 3 years. I am a saving guy type, like i save data, save ram, save battery, save money. So I always try to get ultimate battery backup as most as i can do.These are my personal tips and tested on 5+ devices. Still if your phone hardware or battery has any issue, then these tips can not help you out.

every single word is written by me and not copied from anywhere. so dont try to copy it without my permission.

these tips are working for many devices. But still I am not responsible for any damage to your device. So Lets Start.

TIP1- No cheating in Relation between Your Charger and Your Phone

Listen Guyz, if u had bought a new device. Doesnt matter, how much old it is now, always charge your phone with your original charger and dont let any1 charge his/her phone with your charger. There must be a Relationship bond between your micro usb charger pin & phone usb charging usb jack. And dont let them cheat each other.

TIP2- Never plug in your charger in Inverter powered socket.

it doesn't matter your phone is new or old but remember always that never ever plug in your charger in a inverter powered socket because inverter powered circuit has not a pure AC current that's why a little amount of DC current is mixed with it and when we plug the charger ,the hardware of our charger is getting old faster than usual.
And the performence of charger is also decreased. Your Phone will charge slower than usual.

TIP3- Always charge your phone after battery is low.

don't plug your smartphone randomly again and again and always keep a power bank with yourself when you are outside if there is an emergency then you can use your powerbank to charge your phone but if you have a daily cycle of outside and home then always charge your phone when it is below 20% or 15%. and your phone will show a popup that battery is low please charge the phone only after that plug in the charger otherwise don't plug in your charger randomly at 50% 60% 80% 70% or whatever.
DONT DECREASE THE BATTERY TO 1 OR 2 OR 3 OR 5 %. When the battery is less than 10%. It can handle stand by feature only. only Turned on smartphone. No calls, messeges or turned on data.
To get the labour tomorrow on your factory,you have to let them go alive today.

TIP3- Dont use While charging

when the charger is plugged in ,don't use your smartphone ,especially connected to mobile data or connected to Wi-Fi because it increases the load on battery at a very high level. and the phone can be burst. and the battery will not ask you that your phone is of which brand xiaomi, Samsung, Nokia or LG or any shitty iPhxne. So let the phone charge with turned off mobile data and wifi.

TIP4 - Sleep Charging and Full Charge

to charge the phone properly and in a fast way and also with a safety is to charge it properly 100% without disturbing the charging like-

if your phone has scheduled power on and off feature then if you know the proper average full charging time of your smartphone assume 1 hour then set a scheduled power on after 55 minutes means 5 minutes less then the average charging time and switch off the phone when the phone is switched off properly after that plug in your charger.(available in all xiaomi phones running on miui)

if your phone has not scheduled power on and off feature then simply turn on the airplane mode and restart the device plug in the charger and just after the boot logo turned on switch on the power of the charger and let it charge and check the device after the average charging time it will show 97% or 98% or 99% simply turn off the airplane mode and restart the device again and let it be 100%.

use your phone after the battery is 100% if the time of decreasing the battery from 100 to 99 is very low in comparison of old time when the phone is new then it shows that your phone is too much old or the update you are using is not so good in a factor of battery but its not a big thing but if you feel that the timing of decrement from 100 to 90% is very low means the phone decrease from 100 to 90% very fastly in comparison of old time. then turn off the data for Wi-Fi and restart your device and plug in the charger the same way as the boot logo comes switch on the power of charger and let it be hundred percent again after that you will feel that decrement from 100 to 90% is slow in comparison of just before if you want to know the reason then let me tell you that when the phone is old and also the battery is old, there is a cloud formation in battery and due to that clouds the battery percentage show hundred percent but its not really hundred so we have to use it a little consume the clouds and recharge it again.

TIP5 - Use Greenify

Greenify is a must have app for a Android user because it Hibernate all the apps that are running in background but we don't need them all so simply install Greenify select all the apps including some system if you don't want and Hibernate them whenever you are free and after that click on app info of Greenify and also force stop Greenify. because accessibility service of Greenify also uses a lot of battery so we should first Hibernate all the apps that we don't need and after that we should also for system Greenify and that's how we can get an Ultimate battery backup but it is not so I smart way but you have to work a little to get Ultimate battery backup. link- Greenify

TIP6- Polarity and socket

if you are usually at home almost and also charge your phone at night then you should try almost three or four sockets of your home because there are so much difference between them try all and choose one that is best to charge your phone at the fastest speed.

don't change the polarity of your charger whenever you plug in in the circuit first read the text written on your charger and plug it in the socket in that way that text is not in invert direction. and you can read the text.

eg- Samsung - plugin the charger so that you can read the samsung text.
Plug it as i have hold it. so i can read Samsung properly.

hold it in a way u can read the text and dont invert, dont flip, direct plug in.




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  1. awesome tips bro. i am following your tips. ever since i bought a redmi note 4 and it is doing quite well.