Guys, My Name is Rock Bhaskar & This is Our Website Made with Love by Me & My Friends. I am the content Creator & Other Admins are Handler of the Website.

What do I Do ?

Apps Modification, Android Tricks Exploration, Android Customization Content Development, Android Behaviour Analytics, Tips & Tutorials & Much More.

About The Website Content

I am learning App Modification from 3+ Years. And still i am not a pro yet. There are many things that we started first in the modding Community like-
- Fabric Server Removal (Mod Started Exclusively By Rockmods in 2018)
- Analytics+Crashlytics Disabling (Mod Started Exclusively By Rockmods in 2018)
- Fabric Key Removal (Mod Started Exclusively By Rockmods in 2018)
- Play Services Removal (Mod Started Exclusively By Rockmods in 2019)

There are 2 types of Mods present on our website. Random Mods & RBMods.

I am a Developer too myself, So i respect the devs. Thats Why, I never crack Apps. I do not support Cracking in Any way. All RBMods are based on Free apps of Play Store or Remod of Existing Mods apk on Internet. So People are using the Mod Already , I am Just providing them a Better Version with better performance, finish & Options.

Random Mods-
There are Lot of mods that release daily. But Here on Rockmods, We only Post the Best Performing, Trusted, Fully Working Mods With Proper Credits & Direct Links. Thats why, Many Posts have Mod1,2,3 Sections. In the download Section, You will get only the Best Mod only & We are trying to Add as Many apps as we can, But still filtering only the Good ones to post. As All these Mods are free content on Internet. We are just sharing it with You and We dont own or associate Any of them At All.

Mod Requests-
If The App Mod is posted as RBMod on website. You can surely request us to Update it to latest Version. But if the Article is not RBMod, then We can not provide you the mod/Mod Update if not available in the market Because This is not in our hand.

Whats Different Than Others ?

• Only The Best Apps' Mods
• Only The Best Mods
• Fast Updates
• Trusted Mods By Recognized Modders
• Direct Download Mediafire Links
• Proper Credits To Original Modders
• Exclusive RBMods
• More

Thanks to

I would like to thanks to Some People for All this Learning & Journey.
- My Friends ( Rama, Shankar, Zerom, Harman, Vaibhav, Akash)
- The Supporting Audience
- SteelWorks
- Tim Malseed
- ChelpuS
- More


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  3. Hey RB

    Hotstar Got Fully Modded by One Indian Reverser Name biN64

    Post This Mod On Your Site

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