YouTube Music ReVanced v6.45.54 (Mod)

"Youtube Music ReVanced is Project based on Youtube Music vanced. It is a Remod Of Youtube Music with Many Premium Features Unlocked."

App Name Youtube Music ReVanced
Latest Version 6.45.54
Size 50 MB
Category Music & Audio
Developer Google, ReVanced Devs, Inotia00
Mod Info Compiled, Mod Extra
Requires Android 7.0 & up
Get it on
How to Install-
• Install MicroG Apk (Click Here)
• Install ReVanced Music Mod
• Log In to your Account. (alert-success)
★★★ Required Extensions ★★★
Some Extra Apps are required for ReVanced Extended Music to work properly.
• Vanced MicroG: It Is Mandatory to Run YT Music ReVanced Extended & It Provides Login & Account Support.
• Downloaders: One of Any 3 Downloaders are Mandatory to Complete "Download in Internal Storage" Action. Eg:
1. NewPipe ( org.schabi.newpipe )
2. NewPipe x SB x RYD ( org.polymorphicshade.newpipe )
3. PowerTube ( ussr.razar.youtube_dl )
4. YTDLnis ( com.deniscerri.ytdl )
★ Put Package Name of the Downloader (Given Ahead of their names in brackets) in ReVanced Settings/Download Settings/Set Package Name , Default is newpipe.
★★★ Mod1 (Default Mod)(v6.45.54) ★★★
• All ReVanced Extended Patches Applied
Compiled with ReVanced Manager, patches 4.5.0, Compiled By RBMods

★★★ Mod2 (LiteX)(5.24.50) ★★★
• Based on ReVanced Default Mod-
• App Name Restored to Original Youtube Music
• Kotlin Invokes Removed
• Optimized Graphics & Cleaned Resources for Fast Load;
• Google Play Store Install Package Check Disabled
• Google Play Services Signature Check Disabled
• Maximum Ads, Analytics Links Removed/Nullified from Java Classes
• Google Play Billing Disabled;
• No Active Trackers;
• Debug Info & Corresponding .sources Tag Removed
• Unwanted Recievers/Services/Permissions/Activities Disabled
• Size of some Files Reduced;
• Split Files & Meta Data Removed;
• Mod Lite ( 34-43 MB, Org Size 40-49 MB)
• Language- Multilingual
• CPU Arch- armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a
• Screen Dpi- Universal (m to xxxhdpi, All)
★ Modded By RBMods (

★★★ Mod3 (UltraLite)(5.24.50) ★★★
• Based on Mod2
• Ultra Cleaned Resources For Fast Load;
• Language- EN Only
• Mod UltraLite ( 21-23 MB, Org Size- 40-49 MB)
• Screen Dpi- Universal (m to xxxhdpi, All)
• CPU- Armeabi-v7a, Arm64-v8a
★ Modded By RBMods

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  1. Can I download music with the apk?

    1. Unfortunely, no. U can use ALL the tools but the only that are really usefull, sadly.

  2. Why these App is not compatible for pairing with Android Auto (Car) ? Can do it please?

  3. Ultralite version of latest yt music please

  4. Is there a way i can download mp3 from it?

  5. Please update the UltraLite Mod to latest version

  6. Could you remove location lock please?

  7. could you remove location lock please?

  8. In new youtube music version 6.08.50 patch2.181.4 music lyrics are not available anymore

  9. Why are there no lyrics in youtube music v6.08.50 patch2.181.4?

  10. There is "library" button missing when they added new music discovery feature called "samples" and instead "library" there is annoying "upgrade" button
    Could you fix that?

  11. Name me rvx likha hai hata kar latest version do

  12. I hope there will be the latest versions of LiteX & UltraLiteX

  13. YouTube Music ReVanced Extended v6.33.50 (Mod Lite)(Mod UltraLite)

  14. Does music stream in "High" quality?

  15. Please, can you update YouTube Music ReVanced Extended to use latest microg, same as used by YouTube ReVanced v19.09.37 (RVP 4.4.0)to avoid using 2 microgs at the same time? Thank you.

  16. Redirecting to don't kill my app

  17. I know you guys are not providing any kind of game but there is a game that we would love to have if you can provide.
    The name of the game is - Ticket to ride
    Developer - Marmalade

    Link -