YouTube ReVanced (YouTube Premium) v17.36.37 (RVP 2.69.2)(Mod Extra)(Lite)

"YouTube ReVanced is a Project Based on YouTube Vanced. Currently It's in initial Stage & Have Basic Youtube Vanced Features. As YouTube Vanced Project is Closed. Youtube ReVanced is supposed to Continue its Legacy Unofficially."

App Name YouTube ReVanced
Latest Version 17.36.37
Size 160, 65, 52 MB
Category Video Players & Editors
Developer Google LLC, Vanced Team, ReVanced Team
Mod Info Premium Logo, Mod Extra, Lite
Requires Android 6.0 & up
More Info At

★ Full Info About ReVanced- Click Here
How to Install-
• First Install Vanced MicroG
• Install Youtube ReVanced
• Login inside Youtube ReVanced App.
• Make Sure You Download ReVanced and Vanced MicroG of Same Arch,Done. (alert-success)

★★★ Extensions ★★★
Some Extra Apps are required for ReVanced to work properly.
• Vanced MicroG: It Is Mandatory to Run YT ReVanced & Provide Login & Account Support.
• Downloader: One of Any 3 Downloaders are Mandatory to Complete Download in Internal Action in YT ReVanced.
1. NewPipe ( org.schabi.newpipe )
2. NewPipe x SB x RYD ( org.polymorphicshade.newpipe )
3. PowerTube ( ussr.razar.youtube_dl )
★ Put Package Name of the Downloader in ReVanced Settings/Download Settings/Set Package Name , Default is newpipe.

★★★ Default Mod ★★★
• Compiled APK with ReVanced Manager (Patches 2.69.2, Integrations 0.43.0, CLI 2.12.0)-
Compiled Without Any Changes, can be called Official
v2(YT Name & Logo)-
• Skipped Patches which compiling-
- custom-branding (Result: Original YT Logo & Name)
★ Compiled By RBMods

★★★ Mod LiteX ★★★
• Based on Latest Compiled APK By RBMods
• App Name Restored to Youtube
• Debug Info & corresponding .sources Tags Removed
• Optimized Graphics & Cleaned Resources For Fast Load
• Maximum Ads Links Removed/Nullified From Java Classes
• Google Play Store Install Package Check Disabled
• Google Play Services Check Verification Disabled
• Maximum Analytics/Crashlytics & Other Trackers Removed
• Mod Lite 59 MB (Org Size 145 MB)
• Unwanted Permissions/Activities/Services/Providers Disabled
• Split file & Other Trash Removed from Resources
• Compression Flags Untouched (No Ultra Super Compression Applied)
• No Third Party Patch/Hook/Component Applied
• Screen Dpi- Universal (m to xxxhdpi, All)
• CPU Arch- Arm64
• Language- MultiLingual
★ Modded By RBMods(

★★★ Mod UltraLiteX ★★★
• Based On LiteX
• Cleaned Resources Unnecessary Files
• Languages Removed (EN only)
• Compression Flags Untouched (No Ultra Super Compression Applied)
• Mod UltraLite 47 MB, Org Size 145 MB
• No Third Party Patch/Hook/Component Applied
• Screen Dpi- Universal (m to xxxhdpi, All)
• CPU Arch- Arm64
★ Modded By RBMods(

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  1. Pls make it for arm7 users bro

  2. Pls bro make it also for arm7

  3. It won't open bud

  4. It won't open Bud

  5. Unable to add Google account in new update

  6. Someone know if the dark amoled theme can be changed to a soft dark?

  7. Tiene muchos bugs

  8. Previous version is better....
    Highlights: Hidden shorts, hidden create etc

  9. Double tap to seek not working on full screen

  10. I'm using the LiteX version in China with the Microg was installed, too. It couldn't work completely that it just turned off suddenly after I turned on it whatever the vpn proxy is switched on or off. I'm using the customised system. Plz locate the matter and solve it.

  11. Excellent app but my only issue is how to access sponsorblock settings

  12. Pls fix the bug if i off my cellphone playing music the apps crash

  13. Thank you very much, RB. Great job :D

  14. Doesn't work full or lite version on my Realme X2 PRO

  15. There's no tv cast option in this YouTube App. Can you guys get this issue fixed? Thanks.

  16. Unable to Change package name. Kindly remove protection

  17. What is the different version1 and version 2?