Make your Phone Android P: Full Ui Package For Non root 5.1+ Android Devices


Android P Full Ui Package for Non Root 5.1+ Android Devices

Hello Friends, Here , RB IS BACK. Android L is just launched and preview is also released to pixel and some non pixel devices like Mi, Nokia, one plus etc. But Some OEMs dont care about the updates + everyone is not so pro to install custom roms and all. So here ,i am presenting you full setup to make your phone Android P.

1. Android P Status Bar
To Have Stock android Status bar, all versions after 5.0 lollipop, have almost same material status bar. So to have the status bar like that, you can use Material status bar App.

Its from the same developer who has released later material notification shade.
Just Give overlay and accesibility Permission and you are good to go.
It features 3 types of looks like flat, material and gradient. Clock locations and many many more features.
NOTE- If you have a redmi device , then you can apply theme too, to have similar stock android status bar look. But You cant customize it.

Material Status Bar(Download here)

2. Android P Quick Panel(Notification Panel)
To make your quick panel look alike android P, You can simply use Material notification shade full unlocked and mod lite too. It has Android N, O and Now P theme too  + many other theming features too.
NOTE- If you have a redmi device , then you can apply theme too, to have similar stock android quick Panel look. But You cant customize it.

Material Notification Shade Unlocked + Mod Lite (Download here)

3. Android P Navigation Bar
Latest navigation bar in android P doesnt include nav keys. It introduces gesture based controls and its super awesome. So xda created an app for it that works on non root devices too.There is premium + mod Lite Patched apk on rockmods too. So have fun Guyz. here you go. Enjoy android P navigation gestures without root.

Navigation Gestures by xda Premium + Mod lite (Download here)

4. Android P Launcher
Android N,O,P launchers are almost same with diffrent position of google search bar,a date widget and yes , It looks awesome. RB PIXEL LAUNCHER , YOU HEARD THE NAME. yes its modified version of pixel launcher port. and there are hell number of mods. diffrent features, diffrent support. Choose any1. Or the 2nd Choice is, Use any custom launcher + zooper widget/vizarg widget/KLWP widget to add date like pixel or google search bar.

Stock Launchers(All pixel launcher mods) (Download here)

or Custom Launchers For more customizations with widget Apps



5. P volume slider(Bonus)
In android P, New volume Panel Style is introduced and it looks dope. So we have just another app for it. Volume slider like P.
It has many theming options + simple direct use. You will love it surely. But its its not necessary to install it. Bcz not every1 is gonna show the screen that hey man, see i am increasing volume, here it is look like.

P Volume Slider Mod RB (1.18 mb)

6.Android P Wallpapers + More
 So Now the last thing that is remaining, that is wallpaper. Its very important part of Screen. It really fresh your mood too, if its its dope. So here are some wallpapers, created and modded by ME. It contains OP6 Fixed wallpapers, God of war wallpapers, ANDROID P FANMADE WALLPAPERS TOO. Its a whole factory  , Pick whatever or how much you want. YOO. HERE YOU GO.

Android P wallpapers & More (Download here)

6. Bonus Tips
  • If you have already a stock android Phone Like Mi A1 or Moto or One Plus. You dont need Material status bar.
  • If you have modded user interface android phone like Redmi, Mi having miui, Oppo with color os or any other UI os that support Theming , then you can apply theme and change your apps like stock android too, like setting app, dialer, contacts, messages, etc. 
  • Miui Has already so many stock android Themes on Mi theme store , so its not necessary to install 3rd party theme for stock look. eg: Oreo , N .
  • Every app is minimal or modded to minimal. So dont worry about ram usage.
  • You can install Icon Packs to change your icons to stock android, but you have to uze custom launchers to apply them. You can not use the icon pack in stock launcher mods.
  • If you are using custom launcher like RB Launcher or Nova Launcher, and you are not satisfied with icon Packs, Some of your apps has not icon in icon pack, then create your own icon pack acco to your choice by this app. Icon Pack Studio(RB Mod)
  • If you have done like Android P and stilk want more fancy and custom look. then you can create custom homescreens with minimal usage of ram and battery. Here you go RB's Custom Homescreens

So Have a Good Day. Enjoy Android P.

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