InstaXtreme RB (Mod v19 Xtended) & Official Instagram Lite

Instagram & Insta Lite

"Instagram – Like, capture and share the world’s moments"

Play Store Info:
Instagram is a simple way to capture and share the world’s moments. Follow your friends and family to see what they’re up to, and discover accounts from all over the world that are sharing things you love. Join the community of over 1 billion people and express yourself by sharing all the moments of your day — the highlights and everything in between, too.

App Info:

App name : Instagram

Package Name :

Developer: Instagram

Apk Size : 29 MB(original apk 44 MB)

Update on Play Store : June, 2018

Version Name & Code:

Requirements: 4.0+


★★★  InstaXtremeMods ★★★
InstaXtreme-A God Mod for Instagram
Version 17 Changelog

>Base update to
>Ability to lock app by pin-code
>Changed downloader, now you can use SD-card
>Changed method of hooking ads
>Settings backup
>Ability to disable analytics(all statistics and insights won't be work either)
>Ability to hide liked posts in feed(can cause ads)
>Ability to rearrange navbar and action bar of main activity(General settings -> Feed and stories settings -> Action Bar and NavBar settings). Don't use it, if you're change language in Instagram manually, icons in action bar will disappear!
>Ability to play stories always with sound
>Ability to disable autoskip stories
>Ability to download posts on receiving notifications
>Ability to download voice messages
>Theming fixes - Selecting a Person on the story hide menu, DM UI to name a few
>Ability to disable downloads notifications
>Ability to disable the cropping of stories
>Ability to remove black borders(top and bottom) in stories
>Option of max quality of photos is now optional. Disabled by default. You can disable it if you have lags or something, maybe it'll be helpful
>Option to increase quality of uploading stories(experimental, may not work)
>Ability to watch stories in fullscreen(may not work)
>Black theme is now with white icons + some fixes
>Clone fixes

>Heart emoji in DMs fixed
>Option "Disable stories in feed" is working now
>Now info about action and navigation bar is backing up too, also now this files saved in "Android/data/" and you can delete it, if icons disappeared 
>Stories in fullscreen fixed(now it isn't break other activities, but may not work in some cases)
>Black theme fixes
>Clone fixes(notifications are working now). Return back old name and original Instagram icon for clone
>Translations are updated(added Arabic)

> Fix zoom profile pictures 
> A tracker has been added to track those who are unsubscribing from you (I don’t know how it will work with a lot of subscriptions). Turns on in settings 
> Added activity to view subscriptions that are not signed in response (long tap on the heart icon). If not all subscriptions are shown, then first go to the list of subscriptions on Instagram 
> Slightly changed downloads, notifications are now grouped 
> Fixed Google translation 
> Another fixes of the black theme 
> Added a font with Cyrillic support in the "typewriter" mode

★★★  RBMods ★★★
>Mod Optimized
>Mod Lite
>3rd Clone Added
>White & Black Version Remodded
>Credits Properly Refixed

Default Package(Replace Official Instagram)




Cloned Package(Seperate Installation)




2nd Cloned Package(Seperate Installation)



Instagram Lite
Instagram Lite is Lite Version of Instagram, same as facebook Lite of Facebook, its officially released by Facebook., Not any 3rd party client. Its Must Try, and Its Unreleased in India.

App Info:

App name : Instagram Lite

Package Name : com.instagram.lite

Developer: Instagram

Apk Size : 600 Kb

Update on Play Store : 20 August 2018

Version Name & Code:

Requirements: 4.0+


#Screenshots Same as Official Insta.

============== Note ==============
If You face download issue, or you want latest updates notifications, connect with us on facebook, whatsapp, telegram, youtube.


  1. Please remove the ads and add HD quality download of photos :)

  2. Mod ultra lite "2" 29MB is fine but "ask me a question" in stories doesn't work.

  3. In the Mod Lite multilanguaje doesn't work either "ask me a question in stories.

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  5. Auto following anonymous.. Plz fix this

  6. Facebook ultra light black theme + Facebook light black theme please🙏

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  8. You are using work of soulamods

    1. Sir, why dont you read the mods section of post and mods section in app. ,Credits are what is rb mod added is properly written in post.

    2. & the mod is created by kragon. Not soulamods.

  9. Bro Instagram RB crashed
    It automatically come back to home page while I download any image/video files
    Plzz help me

  10. Richard HinostrozaAugust 8, 2019 at 1:18 PM

    I'm really thankfull for these modded apps, it really helps me the smaller size and the optimization of it all. In case of the stable version of rb instagram, the last one, could you please also upload the white version of the app instead of just the black one. It'll be really helpfull, thank you

    1. Go to mod Settings and go to credits and open the telegram Channel, Of Krogon500, Try White version. If you feel laggy or something, then i i will upload optimized apk

    2. Richard HinostrozaAugust 9, 2019 at 3:36 PM

      I tried the Krogon500 white version but it feels laggy as you said, also whenever I try to download any photo, it takes ages to do so. I will really like to use your optimized apk for instagram in it's white version. Thank you for answer in the first place.

    3. Try our modded version, is it working good ?

  11. Hi how do i disable downloads going into seperate folders ?

  12. today got option to download new update
    please update to latest , thanks

  13. While clicking view profile picture, the picture taken is no longer full box like the previous version. Now only displays low-resolution circle profile picture such as forced zoom.
    Please compare this with v17 and v16, you will find the different on v18.
    I hope it will be fixed, thx sir

    1. In app, Contact the Official modder. We just optimized and made it lite only.

    2. Maybe admin can help me to share this issue to official modder ☺️

  14. This app is closing automatically