Happy Independence Day India : Tribute by RB

So Guyz, I am Rock Bhaskar and I am an Indian, My motherland is India, And I love it so much, It has many great core features, that still make it the greatest country in the world. So On the 72nd Independence Day of My Country, India, LET ME INTRODUCE YOU, SOME WALLPAPERS AND A HOMESCREEN SETUP FOR YOU.


1. Pack 1 -5 Walls (2017) Click Here (Direct Download, No ads)
2. Pack 2 -10 Walls (2018) Click Here to Download ( No ads)

-HomeScreen Setup-

Installation of Apps(RB Launcher, Zooper Widget, Icon Pack Studio) & Full Tutorial(How to use and Apply all things)- Click here

HomeScreen Data(to be applied on Apps)
Zooper Template + Wall- Click here to direct Download ( No Ads)


Launcher Setting-

1. Desktop Setting-

Grid- 9×5 [Acco to 1080×1920 resolution, 1920/1080 = 1.77, Horizontal icons(Column) = 5, so Vertical icons(row) = 5×1.77 = 8.88=9,
If your resolution is diffrent, calculate like this method)
Margin - None
Hide Status Bar - Ticked/Unticked As u wish
Hide Shadow - Ticked
Infinite Scroll & wall scroll - Unticked
Hide icon Labels- UnTicked
Icon Label color- ff000088

2.Drawer Setting-

Icon Label color - #ff000088
Card Background - Ticked
Bg transparency - 100%

3.Dock Setting-


4.Appearence Setting-

Theme color- Default white
Icon Size- 45

4.Gesture & Keys-

Add any if You want.(Optional)

Icon Pack Studio Setting-

Click on + Icon and Create new-

1.Background Setting-

Size- 94×94
Shape- Circle
Fill- Custom #ffff9934
Stroke- 11, #ff000088
Shadow- off
Inner shadow- on- 100,27,0

2.Logo Setting-

Design- 2nd
Composing- 1st
Tranform- 50, 0 , 0
Fill- ff179d0a
Stroke- White, 25
Shadow - Off
Inner Shadow- On, 40,20,1
Long shadow- On- 25, 100, 45

3.Save and Export and install.


After downloading ane creating your icon pack., and Pasting .zw zoopwe widgets in internal/zooper widget/templates

1. Remove all icons on Home screen
2.Long press on desktop and click on widgets
3.In the end of widget list, there are zooper widgets, choose 5×1 widget. take it on desktop.
4.Click on widget & Click on saved and Add Google search bar widget and place it on bottom part of wallpaper
5.Repeat Step 3 and Add DayWidget this time and place it on the top part of wallpaper
6. Add any 5 fav icons just above the search bar, Done.


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