NewPipe (Lightweight YouTube) v0.25.2 (Sponsorblock)(Mod)(Lite)


"Fork of Newpipe (An Adfree YT Client) with SponsorBlock & ReturnYouTubeDislike"

App Name NewPipe
Latest Version 0.25.2
Size 6 MB
Category Tools
Developer NewPipe
Mod Info Cleaned, Lite
Requires Android 5.0 & up
Get it on

★★★ Mod1 ★★★
1. Removed ACRA
2. RU/EN
3. Removed some junk
4. Repainted in dark gray (DarkMod)
5. Repainted in black (BlackMod)
6. Removed autorun when starting the device?
7. Video acceleration up to x8, thanks to Alexey070315
★ Mod By Person1030

★★★ Mod2 ★★★
★ NewPipe x SponsorBlock x Return YouTube Dislike Fork Used as Base
- Removed languages ​​other than RU-EN.
- Removed analytics.
- Removed debug information.
- Removed duplicate graphics.
- Optimization.
- Removed redundant.
- The signature has been changed.
★ Mod By N3k1t4_1996

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  1. miui security detecs it as trojan ......

    1. does the fdroid apk get flagged too?

  2. How to install this/add this extension after installing youtube revanced?

  3. How to add/install this doenloader to youtube revanced? Is there any strp by step tutorial?