NewPipe (Lightweight YouTube) v0.27.0 (+ SponsorBlock)(Mod)(Lite)


Ad-Free Video Streaming, watch video block ads. NewPipe is A libre lightweight streaming front-end for Android, along with a fork that adds the functionality of SponsorBlock & ReturnYoutubeDislike. 

App Name NewPipe
Latest Version 0.27.0
Size 7 MB
Category Video Players & Entertainment
Developer TeamNewPipe/+ polymorphicshade/+ baalajimaestro
Mod Info Cleaned, Lite, Themed
Requires Android 5.0 & up
Get Newpipe at

★★★ Short Description ★★★
Newpipe is the Base Project, Described below the download Buttons.
Tubular is a fork of NewPipe that implements SponsorBlock and ReturnYouTubeDislike, Made By Polymorphicshade (Source)
NewpipeSB is a Fork of Tubular By baalajimaestro, that attempts to keep the work by polymorphicshade updated with latest NewPipe releases, with no extra changes. In Simple Words, when Newpipe will update, NewpipeSB will update Faster as compared to Tubular. (Source)

Download Original APK (Direct):NewpipeNewPipe SBTubular

★★★ Mod1 (Newpipe/Newpipe SB) ★★★
1. RU/EN (Other Langs Removed)
2. Removed ACRA
3. Removed some junk
4. Repainted dark gray (DarkMod)
5. Repainted black (BlackMod)
6. Repainted black (BlackMod with Org Red Logo)
7. Removed autorun when the device starts?
8. Renamed to NewPipe SB (NewPipeSB aka Tubular version)
★ Mod By Person10301

Download NewPipe Mod:-• Normal Lite Mod-Direct LinkAlternate Link• Lite + Dark Mod-Direct LinkAlternate Link• Lite + Black Mod-Direct LinkAlternate Link• Lite + Black Mod w Red Logo-Direct LinkAlternate Link••••••••••••••••••Download NewPipe SB Mod:-• Normal Lite Mod-Direct LinkAlternate Link• Lite + Dark Mod-Direct LinkAlternate Link• Lite + Black Mod-Direct LinkAlternate Link• Lite + Black Mod w Red Logo-Direct LinkAlternate Link

★★★ Mod2 (Tubular) ★★★
★ Default Mod-
• Cleaned Resources & Optimized Graphics
• Cleaned Dex (Removed ACRA Analytics, Loggers)
• Removed Trash From Root Path of APK
• Black Theme Set as Default (Can be changed)
• Bottom Navigation Tab set as Default (Can be disabled)
• Mod Lite 5.60 MB (No Compression)
• Language- EN Only

★ Themed Mod:
• App Name & Icon Changed to Original YouTube
• in-App Name & Icons on Various Pages & Dialogs are original
★ Modded By RBMods

• Download Default Mod-Direct LinkAlternate Link• Download Themed Mod-Direct LinkAlternate Link

== Content Related To ==

NewPipe works by fetching the required data from the official API (e.g. PeerTube) of the service you're using. If the official API is restricted (e.g. YouTube) for our purposes, or is proprietary, the app parses the websiteor uses an internal API instead. This means that you don't need an account on any service to use NewPipe.

Also, since they are free and open source software, neither the app nor the Extractor use any proprietary libraries or frameworks, suchas Google Play Services. This means you can use NewPipe on devices or custom ROMs that do not have Google apps installed.


  • Watch videos at resolutions up to 4K
  • Listen to audio in the background, only loading the audio stream to save data
  • Popup mode (floating player, aka Picture-in-Picture)
  • Watch live streams
  • Show/hide subtitles/closed captions
  • Search videos and audios (on YouTube, you can specify the content language as well)
  • Enqueue videos (and optionally save them as local playlists)
  • Show/hide general information about videos (such as description and tags)
  • Show/hide next/related videos
  • Show/hide comments
  • Search videos, audios, channels, playlists and albums
  • Browse videos and audios within a channel
  • Subscribe to channels (yes, without logging into any account!)
  • Get notifications about new videos from channels you're subscribed to
  • Create and edit channel groups (for easier browsing and management)
  • Browse video feeds generated from your channel groups
  • View and search your watch history
  • Search and watch playlists (these are remote playlists, which means they're fetched from the service you're browsing)
  • Create and edit local playlists (these are created and saved within the app, and have nothing to do with any service)
  • Download videos/audios/subtitles (closed captions)
  • Open in Kodi
  • Watch/Block age-restricted material

Supported Services

NewPipe currently supports these services:

As you can see, NewPipe supports multiple video and audio services. Though it started off with YouTube, other people have added more services over the years, making NewPipe more and more versatile!

Partially due to circumstance, and partially due to its popularity,YouTube is the best supported out of these services. If you use or are familiar with any of these other services, please help us improve support for them! We're looking for maintainers for SoundCloud and PeerTube.

If you intend to add a new service, please get in touch with us first! Our docs provide more information on how a new service can be added to the app and to the NewPipe Extractor.


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  1. miui security detecs it as trojan ......

    1. does the fdroid apk get flagged too?

  2. How to install this/add this extension after installing youtube revanced?

  3. How to add/install this doenloader to youtube revanced? Is there any strp by step tutorial?