How to Setup a Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco/Miui Phone To Save Your Privacy ?


"Tutorial & Tips to Setup Your Phone installed with MIUI"

Fresh Setup/Newly Installed Phone-

1. On First Bootup after buying a New Phone/Formetted Phone, in setup, Untick all user agreements, Untill its must to continue.

2. Setup and Come at Home Screen, Uninstall as many Apps as you can, showing at Your Homescreen.

Install Miui hidden Settings App, Open it & go to Manage Application Tab

3. Disable As many Unnecessary apps as you can like mi pay, etc

4. Some Apps in that list cant be disabled like GetApps, Etc, Clear Their data and Disable All Permissions like Storage, locations of them.

5. Disable internet Access & Install from unknown sources Access also of those Apps.

Go to Settings/Security/Authorisation

6. Turn off Authorisation of All Apps including msa, Updater app, system App updater.

7. Open Updater and system app updater from Settings, whenever You want to update your phone or system Apps. and then disable their authorization Again.

8. If You have to use any Preinstalled App for sure, go to its settings inside App, and disable Recommendations to stop ads. Eg- Themes App

9. Go to Settings/Additional Settings and Choose Gboard as default and uninstall Prebuilt Extra Keyboard from Apps.

Go to Settings/Security/Privacy/ Special App Access/

10. Click on Modify system settings & disable Permission for All Apps, except the Apps you use Daily.

11. Click on Usage Access/Disable Access for all Apps, except the Apps you use Daily. [ If You disable usage access of Security App, You will not be able to know/clear the data storage of any installed App.]

Go to Settings/Apps/Permissions/

12. Autostart/ Disable Autostart for All Apps except some apps you want to use in background(Eg- browser, downloader, Whatsapp)

13. Go to Permissions/ Click on Any Permission and disable it for any App you dont think needed. Eg Camera Permission for Messaging App. Follow the procedure for All Permissions.

These Tips can save Your privacy & battery at Most. Still if you have Pc, Uninstalling the Bloatware is recommended and then follow These Steps. We will Add More tips In future.

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