Mod Terms & Their Meanings

"A Small Explanation written By Rockmods to Let you Understand the Meaning of Mod Terms Easily."

★ Mod Types:

1. Paid APK-
Some Paid apps are normal apks with no license verification, All you need is just apk(That People who originally purchased and backed up the apk and uploaded/shared), install it and You are Good to go. (Eg- Maki Plus, Newsfeed Launcher etc)

2. Paid Patched APK-
But Most of the Paid Apps have inbuilt license verification. It verifies your payment after installation, So Once the Paid Apk is patched(License Verification Code Spoofed). It doesnt verify Anymore and works as normal Paid Apk. (Eg- Paid Icon Packs, Meme Generator, Photo Lab Pro, etc)

The Premium Features are enabled In Crack Only Mods. You will get All Paid Features working and unlocked in Free. The Premium Purchase Status may show True like VIP, Premium, Gold and in some mods it may not show. But You should only focus on the unlocked features and not the Status the Mod Showing.

Note- Server Sided Premium Features won't work in mods because it includes Server Authentication. (Eg- Spotify Very High Quality and Download feature)

1. Ads Disabled/Removed-
Ads Activities has been disabled and not working in Background. (Eg- MX Player Mod)

2. Ads Corrupted-
Ads activities are working in background, but are unable to connect to their server/Internet. (Eg- Banner Ads In MX Player Mod)

3. Ads Hidden-
Ads are turned hidden in Layout UI of the App, So they won't show on Screen. (Eg- The List Ad in AppsFree Mod)

#Xtended_Mods (Written as "+ Mod" or "+ Xtended" or "Mod Extra")
1. UI Changes-
Dark Mod(Ampere)/Color Mod/ViperTheme(SDMaid), Etc

2. Other Extra Changes-
Promo Apps Disabled/Rating Dialog Disabled/Unnecessary Options/Features Removal(Takatak, Games in MX Mod)/Etc

3. Cleaning-
Analytics, Trackers removal, Useless running ad methods disabling, Unnecessary Connections Removal (Ad connections, Trackers connections) Eg- Appsflyer, Google, Yandex, Appboy, Firebase, Crashlytics, Skype, Microsoft, cloudfront & More

#Size_Mods (This is POV of Rockmods and may vary acco to Modders)-
1. Optimized-
when the Final mod is slightly reduced in size and the resources are re-aligned and Optimized a Bit.

2. Mod Lite-
When the Final Mod is 20-40% lighter than the Previous Mod/Original App. [Eg- Psiphon old RBMod(17-25), MX RBMod(25-40), Etc]

3. Mod UltraLite-
When the Final Mod is 40% or More lighter than the Previous Mod/Org App. [Eg - Psiphon Current RBMod(13-26), Vanced MicroG RBMod( 2.8-6), Nova RBMod (5.8-10.1), Etc]

★ Mod Tags-

Mods Applied Other than Main Crack are Written Like this-

+/++/+ Mod/Mod Extra/X/Xtended/Modded,

• Adfree+ or Adfree++
• Premium+ or Premium++
• (Premium + Mod) or (Premium)(Mod)
• (Premium + Mod Extra) or (Premium)(Mod Extra)
• PremiumX
(Premium + Modded) or (Premium)(Modded)
• (Pro + Xtended) or (Pro)(Xtended)

Some Terms That Comes Under Mod Extra, but written Seperately-
• Mod Lite/UltraLite
• AOSP/No Google


ML- Multilingual (Contains Multiple languages)

NFU- No Forced Update (Update Check disabled)

NLR/LR - No Login/Login Required for Premium

A11- The Apk will work upto Android 11 (May Work on a12 Beta too)

A10- The Apk will work only Upto Android 10

A11+ : The App will work only On A11 & Above

Uni- Contains All Architecture supports that App Provides

Arm+Arm64- Supports Only Arm & arm64 Architecture

Arm- Short Term for Armeabi/Armeabi-v7a/Armeabi-v7neon

Arm64 Supports Reverse compatibility to All 3 Arms, So Any Arm Apk can work on Arm64 Device easily.

★ Mod APK FAQ-

Q- Mod is showing App Not Installed, What to Do ?
1. Your Device is Arm & You are trying to Arm64 apk in it. Arm Phone Supports on only Arm Apps, Armv7 Phone Supports Arm, Armv7 Apps. Arm64 Phone Supports Arm, Armv7, Arm64 Apps. So Install Acco to Your Architecture. [Check Your Phone Architecture in CPU-Z App]

2. You have installed original App or Different Mod. Every Apk has a Signature. Its signed by the Developer with his sign or by the Modder. So Play Store's Original App has different Sign, and every Modder has also different Sign. So The Issue is, existing installed apk has different signature than the mod you are trying to install. So Simply Uninstall the old app and install the New One in a fresh way.

Q- Google login is not working, What to do ?
A- because of sign change in Modded Apks, Google login and features like drive Sync don't work Most of the times. But still in few modded Apps, you can login with google via trick.

Trick- Install Original App From Play Store, Login with Google. Then Uninstall it, Immediately Install Modded APK, & Login in it. [Eg- WhatsTool Mod]

Q- The Apk is showing virus. What to do ?
We Upload only and only Secure Apks.
There is something called FALSE POSITIVE. It means the positive results virus total is showing are False.

• PUA.DebugKey Result-
Most of our Mods are signed by Test Key(Default Key), That's why it shows this result. The Mod is Safe, You can google about it 

• Any Other Result-
All the Mods on Our Web/Channel are Sourced from Well Reputed Modders, Those who have gained respect By Releasing Safe Mods From Years, So They are Safe.

• Final Verdict-
Devs are feeding Manipulated Data to Antivirus Companies to Show false results in Modded APKs.
So If You found any Result in Any APK from Our Web/Channel, It's a False Positive.
We are not stating that Antiviruses are fake or dumb. If You scanned any "Apk downloaded from Unknown Source", The results Can be true too. So Beware of Your Source.


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