[Exclusive] BlockerX: Block Websites & App Mod APK v4.9.52 (Premium)

"This porn blocker helps in your no fap journey. Also helps quit porn addiction."

App Name BlockerX
Latest Version 4.9.52
Size 100 MB
Category Health & Fitness
Developer Atmana, Inc
Mod Info Premium, Mod Extra
Requires Android 6.0 & up
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★★★ Mod1 ★★★
◉ Premium Subscription/Paid Features Unlocked;
◉ Social Media Blocking & Game Gambling Blocking Subscription Plan Activated;
◉ Login required to Activate Full Premium;
◉ Login with FB/Email;
◉ Trash Removed from Root Path of APK;
◉ Supported CPUs: Arm, Arm64, x86, x86_64
◉ Screen DPI- m to xxxhdpi, Universal;
◉ Language- Multilingual;
★ Modded By RBMods

★★★ Mod2 ★★★
◉ Premium Subscription/Paid Features Unlocked;
◉ Social Media Blocking & Game Gambling Blocking Subscription Plan Activated;
◉ Login required to Activate Full Premium;
◉ Onboarding Quiz Bypassed;
◉ Login with FB/Email;
◉ Optimized & Cleaned Resources for Fast Load;
◉ Ads related activities and codes removed;
◉ Ads invokes methods nullified;
◉ Ads layouts visibility disabled;
◉ Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Services;
◉ AOSP compatible (No Google);
◉ Kotlin invokations removed;
◉ All Ads & Analytics Nullified;
◉ No Active Ads & Trackers;
◉ Manifest and APK root path cleaned;
◉ Google Play Store install package check disabled;
◉ Google Play Services signature check verified;
◉ Google Play Billing / Analytics removed;
◉ Google Play Games disabled;
◉ Supported CPUs: Arm, Arm64, x86, x86_64
◉ Screen DPI- m to xxxhdpi, Universal;
◉ Language- Multilingual;
★ Modded By RBMods

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Nowadays, people are often addicted to many instant pleasures when using mobile phones, especially if you are addicted to social networks, porn or certain online entertainment services. Scrolling up and down the smartphone screen consumes a lot of your valuable time. 
 Spending sleepless nights looking at phones, watching porn, watching shows and enjoying other addictive online content will not do you any good. So it's time for you to step up and completely change the way you interact with these digital entertainments. Be the one who controls them, not the other way around. Learn more about this amazing BlockerX mobile app and learn how it can help you beat digital addiction with our in-depth reviews. 
  What does it do? With BlockerX, Android users have a full-featured mobile app that blocks all online content to eliminate those distractions and temptations while using their phones or tablets. This allows you to enjoy greater productivity and use these smart devices as they were meant to be used. And it serves us in our daily tasks, does not enslave us to our own temptations. Take advantage of the simple and easy features provided by the application to block apps and websites on all connected devices. Enjoy a user-friendly and convenient app with useful blocking features for users of all ages and backgrounds. You have the opportunity to join a huge online community with many helpful members and people like you who are trying to improve themselves every day. Use all the different blocking options to freely customize your in-app experience. Block content using different methods and mechanisms. The list goes on. 
 Those interested can now enjoy the free version of BlockerX on the Google Play Store, which should be available to all Android users without having to pay for downloads. Here, the free program offers many useful features that help you easily adjust your lifestyle and improve your productivity. However, since it is a freemium app, there are ads and extra features that you have to pay to unlock. 
 As with all Android apps, BlockerX users are advised to update their mobile devices to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 6.0 or higher, as this greatly improves in-app stability and enables a more compatible app. Also, don't forget to always give all necessary permissions to the app to ensure their full functionality and better features. Excellent features

 Here are all the exciting features that the app offers: 
 Intuitive application interface and easy-to-use features 
 Immediately, BlockerX users will have no problems working with the intuitive application interface and its easy-to-use features. Enter the app and navigate freely with clean layouts, use unnecessary features and get ready to block any web service, app or content on your mobile devices.
  Powerful block application for all users 
 With BlockerX, Android users have a powerful blocking app for multiple purposes and for users of all backgrounds. Use this amazing mobile app to improve your sexual health by blocking porn or even impulsive content on your phone. Beat your porn addiction forever using your cleaned Android devices. For those who are interested, you can now become much more productive and focused while working on your mobile devices because the app completely removes all distractions. Always keep your phone childproof by blocking all inappropriate content for children. The list goes on. Use the app for yourself or your kids to get the most out of its many features. Use the powerful adult content blocking feature 
 Like BlockSite, BlockerX lets you use a powerful adult content blocker that completely prevents mobile users from accessing inappropriate content. Use the app to avoid all common adult websites and online services on your mobile devices. Or add your own special notes to enhance the app. 

 Prevent users from uninstalling the app 
 And at the same time, you can now enable Uninstall Avoidance as a last resort for extreme dependencies. Take advantage of this feature so you can't just uninstall the app to make yourself happy right away. Use a powerful app to help you be less dependent on your willpower to resist urges because you have no choice but to resist them.

Join a helpful online community 
 For those who are interested, you can now join the helpful BlockerX online community, where there are many great people who have achieved great things, as well as newbies like you. Please participate in their many posts with news of their progress and ongoing challenges. And at the same time, submit your posts to share with the community. Reply to messages, make friends and help each other progress in your journey.

  Get yourself accountability partners 
 With BlockerX, Android users can now enjoy working with accountability partners to help them overcome obstacles together. Find friends in the online community or ask your friends to help you solve challenges. Here, the app allows your friends to track your goals and push you when you feel the urge.

 Enable safe searches on your devices 
 All adult content is completely removed from your browser using BlockerX's Safe Search feature. Enter the app and filter content from Google, Bing and many other search engines. Use your SafeSearch settings to allow the app to set its filters according to your personal preferences.
 Turn on word blocking to reduce triggers 
 And more often than not, people are often triggered by certain sensitive words that cause them to fall back down the rabbit hole. So it's important to eliminate these trigger words when working with mobile devices. Use the app to avoid words that remind you of adult content or issues related to addictions. It works across your browsers and apps, so you never have to see those sensitive words again.  

 Block all entertainment apps 
 At the same time, BlockerX users can block any entertainment programs, especially social networks or games that they have been too addicted to. Use this feature to give yourself a certain amount of time each day to use these networks. Or prevent yourself from using those apps or games altogether if you have serious problems. With BlockerX's reliable and powerful blocking features, you can't undo your settings. This is how you make sure your progress improves.

Useful articles and video courses
Those interested are free to check out BlockerX's many helpful articles and video courses, each of which allows for much more exploration into a healthy digital lifestyle. With many articles, you can learn how to fight your cravings and overcome many obstacles while fighting your digital addictions. In addition, useful content provides an opportunity to practice your healthy lifestyle in general.

Log in to save information
BlockerX users can sign up with their email or Google account to keep your in-app data safe and in sync. This allows online storage to progress and you can sync your data between devices. Therefore, the in-app user experience is much more pleasant.
Enjoy the premium app with our mod for free
For those who are interested, you can now enjoy the paid version of the app with our free mode instead of paying full price for your subscription. Here we provide a premium unlocked app with ads removed and unlimited features to make the most of it. Just download BlockerX Mod APK, follow the given instructions and you are good to go.

Final judgments
With powerful blocking options and useful features, BlockerX is a great mobile tool that protects your Android devices from unhealthy content and helps fight many digital addictions on mobile devices.

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  1. Hello this does not have primium stuff ( prevent uninstall ) because they ( Blocker x team ) sent you a email to download it from the their website please mod that thank you

  2. PLEASE MOD BlockerHero

  3. Need new updates 4.8.48

  4. I want latest update

  5. The old blockerx mod you had was far better, I couldnt access porn on it no matter what I tried. Now I had to get a new phone and I got your latest crack of blocker x and its absolutely over-done. I can't use Telegram, Coinbase, and it doesnt even allow me to open a basic google form for my job. Literally 30% of the work related apps on my phone get blocked. It's like my phone is a vegetable now. I love what you're doing man, your blockerx crack has drastically improved my life. But what have you done with the new version man?!!? :(

  6. Also I would happily pay you $300 to crack a functioning blockerx for pc, without all the bluestacks or dolphin emulator bs. Like one that works for the entire computer. IDK if thats possible tho :(

  7. Hi (to owner of this website) . I am a person belonging to a lower middle class family . I don't have money to afford 😭 the premium versions of app so I need to install mod apks . But many of them had some virus or malware present in them , leading to stealing of my data . Please tell , if the mods provided by you are safe or not . I genuinely need apks . Please help . I trust you .