YouTube ReVanced FAQ: Everything You Need to Know ?


ReVanced is a Project Made By Some Devs, to Revive the Dead Project Vanced. They are focused to Add all the options that are implemented By Vanced Devs. Currently it's in Dev Stage (Only For Devs) & Not for Public Release, But still we can enjoy the Compiled APKs. Here is the TnT QnA Defined By RBMods Related to ReVanced.

Q: How to Install ?
A: If you are a Normal User. You have to download ReVanced NonRoot APK. It has a changed package name so it doesn't conflict with your preinstalled original Youtube. To Login in ReVanced, MicroG Support is added, Means You have to install a small app called Vanced MicroG which will work as a Login Bridge Between YouTube ReVanced & Google Services. Without MicroG, you can't see your subscribed Channels Content, Notifications, Comments & sometimes even App won't work. You can also build ReVanced with ReVanced Manager.

Q: Facing Crash/ No Internet Connection Error in YouTube ReVanced, How to Fix ?
A: This is Simple caused because of Restrictions on MicroG. MicroG needs to run freely in the background, so ReVanced can sync all the account data like subscribed content, notifications etc. So Please keep MicroG Out of Battery Optimisation, it results in Not killing the App and system will let MicroG run Properly in Background. Another Reason is If you are installing arm64 Varient of RV, your microg should also be of arm64 or Universal Arch. Same thing or Armv7.

Q: Why is It Open Sourced on Github ?
A: Because the Code is open sourced,  it's easy and fast to improve the code, bug fixes and apply new features by contribution of every individual other than the Main Team.

Q: Why is Direct APK not being released By ReVanced Devs ?
A: Distributing Modified YouTube APK is illegal, the reason Vanced Went down. But Distributing Patcher or Patches is not Illegal, so Currently They are making and distributing Patches. Anyone can compile the APK and use personally. So Currently RBMods & Some other People are compiling APKs for Users. But an user can compile himself too, everything is available on revanced github.

Q: It has xyz bugs, bla bla bla ?
A: Currently ReVanced is only and only for Devs, Not for Public. It's in pure beta stage. When things will turn Final, they may release their direct apk or installation via revanced manager. So don't cry about bugs, Use Vanced or Enjoy ReVanced in Beta Development Stage.

Q: What Patches Do Exactly ?
A: Here is the Explanation of Some Patches-
• swipe-controls Adds volume and brightness swipe controls.
• seekbar-tapping Enables tap-to-seek on the seekbar of the video player.
• minimized-playback Enables minimized and background playback.
• amoled Enables pure black theme.
• disable-create-button Hides the create button in the navigation bar.
• hide-cast-button Hides the cast button in the video player.
• return-youtube-dislike Shows the dislike count of videos using the Return YouTube Dislike API.
• hide-autoplay-button Hides the autoplay button in the video player.
• premium-heading Shows premium branding on the home screen.
• custom-branding Changes the YouTube launcher icon to be ReVanced's.
• disable-fullscreen-panels Disables video description and comments panel in fullscreen view.
• old-quality-layout Enables the original quality flyout menu.
• hide-shorts-button Hides the shorts button on the navigation bar.
• hide-watermark Hides creator's watermarks on videos.
• sponsorblock Integrate SponsorBlock.
• enable-wide-searchbar Replaces the search icon with a wide search bar. This will hide the YouTube logo when active.
• force-vp9-codec Forces the VP9 codec for videos
• custom-video-buffer Lets you change the buffers of videos. Has no use without settings yet.
• always-autorepeat Always repeats the playing video again.
• microg-support Allows YouTube ReVanced to run without root and under a different package name with Vanced MicroG
• settings Adds settings for ReVanced to YouTube
• enable-debugging Enables app debugging by patching the manifest file
• custom-playback-speed Adds more video playback speed options
• hdr-auto-brightness Makes the brightness of HDR videos follow the system default.
• remember-video-quality Adds the ability to remember the video quality you chose in the video quality flyout.
• video-ads Removes ads in the video player.
• general-ads Removes general ads.
• hide-infocard-suggestions Hides infocards in videos.

Q: What does ReVanced Patches, Integrations & CLI do & How does their Version code Matters ?
A: ReVanced CLI- 

This is the Main Engine/Builder/Machine That Take YT Original & Add All Patches & Stuff and Modify YT. (Latest CLI = Better Build Process, Less Chances of Bugs)

ReVanced Patches-
Patches contains the specific code to make specific changes into YT APK (Latest Patches = Latest Bug Fixes & new Features)

ReVanced Integrations-
Some Patches Needs extra Support Files/Stuff to Work Properly. Integrations APK Provides that. (Latest Integrations = Better Performance of some Patches)

How RV Build-

CLI Take YT Apk, Apply RV Patches, Merge Integrations APK into YT APK, sign, Output.

Thanks for Reading.
-Written By RBMods.

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  1. I had a qus, why devs making separate package, i mean they could modify the original apk only like in wp and use the original package

    Also I had an suggestion, you can add the option to set the minimize playback size to any size like in pure tuber app and add the exclusive audio playback option of yt music here also, and also increase playback speed more than 2x

    1. All Android Phones have Youtube App preinstalled in the system & You can't overwrite modified version over original. If devs don't change Package Name, then how will YT Revanced will get installed in the phone ?

  2. when opening apk can't refresh the video

  3. We Don't need swipe Controller

  4. Please add option to play only audio stream.

  5. Please add option to play only audio stream.

  6. i personally used youtube vanced and is too good option..