How to Prevent Your telegram Account from being Hacked ? Explained By RBMods.


Recently Many People Get Their TG Account Hacked without doing anything Suspicious & When they Check The Status in Settings/Devices, They Found no Suspicious Login, But Suddenly Some weird stuff starts happening like-

• You(Hacked Access) left All Your Channels & Groups Suddenly (Like a Clean reboot of Your Account)
• You(Hacked Access) started getting Added in Random Channels & Groups (Even when Your 'Who can Add you to groups" Settings is set to Nobody)

Now You will try to find any suspicious login but it will show your devices only, So How are You Supposed to Solve this ?

Step1- Open Your Telegram Client & Go to Telegram Settings/Devices/
Step2- Click  on "Terminate All Other Sessions"
Step3- Return to Telegram Settings/3 Dots/Logout
Step4- Clear Data of the Client & Uninstall
Step5- Install Official Telegram & Login using OTP, Done.

Now, Issue is, How is this Possible ?
A- Most Probably, The Hacker get Your Session Token from Your 3rd Party Client & Used that Token to control Your Account, That's why TG didn't detect it as a New Device & New Login. So Its One Token but being used from two different devices. (In the same way, Like Many People inject Accounts Data in the App Via App Cloner (To Make "Netflix,Prime Mods) & The Subscription Service doesn't detect Different Locations & Devices).

Another Question is How did the Hacker get the session token ?
A- Either it's a Loophole in the 3rd Party Client Source Codes (Mainly Graph Messenger, Ninjagram etc , where Proxy is forced) or The Developer detects that You are using a Mod & Leaking Your Session Token Intentionally. Not any Clear Explanation I have About this RN. But OverAll it is what it is.

I have been using Plus messenger for years & Nothing happened like this , But it Happened when i installed Graph Messenger Mod on My A10 device On Which it's not fully Stable (Means the Sign kill is not properly Working on A10, Means the dev can know that You are using a Modified Version). I uninstalled it & Plus messenger was working the same. But suddenly i lost all channels and groups (including some in which I was an admin/owner). So the 2nd Reason of How the Hacker gets Your session token seems more Logical & Promising.

Well it is what it is. Be safe Out There. (Don't anybody copy it without Credits)


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