X (formerly Twitter) v10.28.0 (Premium)(Adfree)(Mod Menu)(Therealswak Project)


The X app is the trusted digital town square for everyone.

App Name X
Latest Version 10.28.0
Size 70 MB
Category Social
Developer X Corp.
Mod Info Premium,Adfree & more
Requires Android 8.0 & up
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★★★ Mods ★★★
Project by TG@Therealswak
This is not just a Mod but a Proper Reverse Developed X/Twitter Just like ReVanced Project, FouadMods & More
This Mod Offers(App/Profile Pic Click/Settings & Privacy/Mod Settings):
• Premium Features (toggelable):
- Download Videos & Gifs (Custom Download Directory available, Copy Media Link Available)
- Undo  Post
- Reader Mode
• Network Hooks:
- Remove Ads, Google Ads, Who to follow banner, Creators to Subscribe banner, Community to join banner, Community Notes, More Posts, Video Carousel, Recommended Users. Sensitive Media Tag, Live Threads
- Show Poll Results
• Faking (Visual Fake Details):
- Fake BlueTick
- Fake Followers & Following Counts
- Fake Follows Me Back
• UI Modification/Customization:
- Chirp Font
- Remove "For You","FAB Button","FAB Menu Button","Banner","Community Share","View Count","Affiliate Badge","Immersive Video Player","Bookmark in Timeline"
• Privacy Features:
- Remove Analytics & Time Stamp from Links
- Change URL Host Name
- No Shorten Url

• More Miscellinious Features:
- Selectable text
- Reveal Actual Numbers in Place of K or M

Note: This Project is Made by Therealswak but he didnt make an Official Source of Releasing it like a TG Channel or Website. Its not Official Yet, He only Shared it in TwiFucker Discussion Telegram Group. So Don't Expect Conitnous Updates of this Project & Don't Spam the Developer Inbox for Updates.

• Mods Applied By RBMods:
- Removed x86 and x86_64 Libs & splitted into arm and arm64
- Resulted in Low Size 65 MB APK (No compression Applied)
- Signature Changed (obviously bcz of modification)

Download Mod-ArmAlternate LinkArm64Alternate Link

== Content Related To ==
The X app is the trusted global digital town square for everyone.

With X, you can:

- Post content for the world to see and join public conversations
- Stay up to date on breaking news and follow your interests
- Stay better informed with extra context from Community Notes
- Go live with Spaces for audio or stream live video
- Communicate privately with Direct Messages
- Subscribe to X Premium to expand your reach, get a blue checkmark, and more
- Earn a living creating exclusive content for your paid subscribers and share in the ad revenue generated in replies to your posts
- Create and join Communities around topics and interests, from sports to music to technology
- Upload and watch videos up to 3 hours in length
- Write and read long form posts like essays and blogs
- Connect directly with your customers to help your business grow

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