Rubika v3.6.4 (Premium)(Mod)


Rubika is a practical application that has various services, each of which is designed in a specific and specialized field, from payment services to watching movies and series online

App Name Rubika
Latest Version 3.6.4
Size 60 MB
Category Social
Developer Rubik's group
Mod Info Premium & More
Requires Android 4.1 & up
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★★★ Mods ★★★
▫️ Mod v1:
▫️ Ability to save photos and videos in private chat
▫️ Increase download and upload speed
▫️ Increase the loading speed of the program
▫️ Post story feature
▫️ Debug information removed
▫️ Capability of screenshot and screen record in private chat
▫️ Ability to copy, screenshot, screen record in limited channels (forward does not work)
▫️ Capability of screenshot & screen record 
★★★ Exclusive Mod By Nnn
★★★ Released By RBMods

▫️ Mod v2:
Mod version features (cloned):
✓ ghost mode (hide typing, hide read mark)
✓ Ability to install next to the original
★★★ Exclusive Mod By Nnn
★★★ Released By RBMods

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You may have heard the name of Rubica for the first time in TV commercials. This application, which started as a platform for providing various content, gradually expanded and was able to prove itself in various fields. Rasan Rubika are the main parts of this attractive application that is everywhere by your side and can meet your needs. By downloading Rubika, you have access to dozens of different services, each of which is designed for a widely used task and can meet your needs in various fields such as entertainment, education, services, sports, paying bills and charity, and even in the long run So that you can earn a side income and you can create professional content by trying and entertain thousands of Iranian audience, which many famous people and bloggers are doing on Rubika these days and they have met with good reception, so what are you waiting for. By downloading Rubika, join the hundreds of thousands of users of this application right now!

Rubika is a practical application that has various services, each of which is designed in a specific and specialized field, from payment services to watching movies and series online. After downloading Rubika, you can use all the services provided for you for free. It is intended to be used, just install Rubika through mykit and enter this program. 
Some of Rubik's services are more famous among the general public, for example messaging, movies and serials, bill payment, and Rubino's social network are among the most famous and popular parts of this Iranian super application, don't forget that by using Rubik you can earn an extra income. And have real money and manage it through the dashboard that is intended for you, just start creating content today and interact with your contacts.
Why should we download Rubika?
• An all-in-one messenger with features like voice and video messaging and live streaming
Rubino social network with features similar to Instagram for sharing images and videos
Watching movies and series online
• The possibility of generating income from activities in Rubika
• Carrying out various financial transactions such as buying recharge and internet
• The possibility of doing good deeds

Rubica Android messenger

The Rubika Messenger section will provide you with all the attractive features you have from a modern messenger. First of all, it should be mentioned that the Internet consumption for text, photo and audio messages in Rubika Messenger is free. Of course, to use this advantage, you must use Irancell or Mobile First Internet, and this issue is not applied to users of other operators. You can check your traffic consumption once after using Rubika. Like other popular messengers, Rubica messenger allows you to communicate with your audience.

You can send audio, text and video messages to your friends and acquaintances through Rubika and expand your communication with them at any time and everywhere. By using Rubika, you will no longer need external and internal messengers. This versatile application can cover all your communication needs well. Another feature of the Rubika messenger is the possibility of making a voice call or creating a meeting, which if you own a channel or group, you can use this feature without restrictions and advance your communication model with others a little differently.

Rubino's social network

Rubica also includes the Rubino social network, which is used to share images and videos with other users. While many features and applications of Rubino can be compared with other social networks such as Instagram, perhaps the interactive and intimate atmosphere among users who are all Iranian can be mentioned as the main feature of Rubino. In addition to posting your photos and videos, you can also share your content with other users through stories. Others can also interact with you by using features such as likes and comments. It is also possible to communicate with other users through messages, and the ability to broadcast live is also considered for Rubino. Rubica and Rubino have tried to make a very good interactive social network available to users, which does not have any foreign examples in terms of technical features.

 A section is also intended for online businesses in Rubino so that users can more easily access the active stores in this application, and in this way, Rubica has helped to further the prosperity of national production. The stores that are currently active in the social network Rubika or more precisely, Rubino, are generally active in the field of clothing. However, it must be accepted that the further prosperity of Rubika stores depends on more shops trusting this platform, and we can hope that there will be more shops active in Rubika in the future.

Earn money through Rubik's

Like platforms like YouTube and Aparat, Rubica has provided the possibility of monetization for its users. You will be automatically added to Rubika's monetization system by creating a channel in the Rubika messenger or creating a page in the social network embedded in this superapp, Rubino. Apart from the traffic consumed by users, you will also receive income based on the number of members following the channel so that information channels such as news channels can also be partners in Rubika's monetization system. 

Know your income status with a professional counter
A counter or dashboard has also been created for easy access to general information about channel monetization, and by referring to it, in addition to the possibility of reviewing the rules of making money in Rubika, you can also go through the authentication steps that are necessary to receive your income. The interesting thing about making money from Rubika is that there are no special prerequisites to join it, and you can make money from this feature just by having a channel on Rubika. 

Do not miss the news of the day

Rubika news service is one of the other useful features of this comprehensive program. In this section, you can choose your desired news topic or access a comprehensive list of news agency and newspaper channels. The interesting thing is that these channels are among the best, most updated and most popular channels of the Rubika application, and therefore it is recommended to join them.

There is also a section for popular channels in different topics, which by referring to it, you can search among established channels with different topics.

Rubika payment service

With the help of Rubika, it is no longer necessary to refer to another application to perform payment-based services, including the purchase of recharges and internet packages! Rubika enables you to easily access this category of services, and when using Rubika, if you need to get an internet package, you don't need to leave this program and refer to another application.

The Rubika program has made it possible to buy recharges for the country's main operators, i.e., Irancell, First Companion, and Rightel. You can use the suggested amount or the desired amount for charging. It is also possible to buy a charge in a surprising or normal way. You can also view your purchase history panel.

Payment of utility bills

These days, electronic payment methods should be used to pay bills. Rubika has also provided the possibility of paying various service bills for its users. You can pay your bills with Rubika in two ways. The first method is to scan the barcode, which will easily take you to the bill payment page. The second method is to use the desired bill payment ID, which you can use to pay your bills. You can also view payment records in this section. 

To make it easier to use the services provided in the Rubika payment section, you can also charge your wallet with the desired amount so that you can complete transactions as easily as possible.

Charity and philanthropy

Remember that with Rubica you can also participate in charity campaigns. Many charity campaigns have been placed in Rubika; From helping to build a school in deprived areas, to helping the needy and helping the sick, or even helping to buy dowry for couples in less fortunate areas. Based on your opinion and taste, you can also participate in these charity actions.

Rubika your personal cinema

With Rubica, you can also watch movies and series! Yes, Rubica can be your personal cinema in a way. There are many different movies and series in Rubika, which you can watch easily thanks to their attractive and suitable categories. You can go for action movies to have an exciting time or have fun in a different way by watching a horror movie on a night out with friends. In fact, the large number of contents included in the movie and series section of Rubika, which is included in this application in collaboration with Namava, is so large that it can cover any taste and you can have fun with it for a long time. You don't need to subscribe to use this section and you only need to use first mobile internet or Irancell.

In the Rubika app, you will have access to the latest movies and series made all over the world, just install this app and search for the movie you want. For entertainment, Rubika is one of the best Iranian applications that has many uses.

Rubica is the leader in education

Rubica is also a very useful application for students. Apart from the messaging features that make this program one of the best native apps, Rubika also has an educational section that allows students to access educational videos related to their academic background. The important point in the "Rubiclass" section, which is the educational section of Rubica, is nothing but the number of its classes. All the lessons of each grade are placed in this section, and even for the middle school grades where there are different fields, all the fields and related subjects have their own videos. This issue has made Rubik's very useful and attractive for students, and it is possible to open a special account on the educational aspects of this program. 

Watching movies and series of the day

If you are interested in watching Iranian and foreign movies and series, or your beloved child would like to see an attractive animation that has just been released. Rubica is your solution, this application has a powerful movie and series section that allows you to watch movies without paying a subscription. This movie and series service supports various VODs, and for this reason, it has a very large archive that will not be repeated for you anytime soon. Although the Rubika movie and series service is not one of the main features of this program, it is extremely entertaining and can create happy moments for you and your family.

Follow sports competitions with Rubik's

If we go past the existence of several popular sports channels in Rubika, we reach another attractive part of it, which is related to the live broadcast of attractive and important sports matches. If you are a football fan, you would like to watch the exciting football matches in Europe live in high quality. This is provided by the live sports feature of Rubica. You can follow sensitive and attractive sports matches live from Rubika. Matches such as attractive European footballs with Persian reports can be watched through Rubika, which has greatly helped to increase the excitement of watching matches from Rubika.

Download the latest update of Rubik's with half price traffic

Due to its diverse and high quality services, Rubika has managed to attract millions of users in the country and is considered one of the most popular applications in Iran. Among the positive features of this application, we can mention the security, privacy of users, promotion of social communication, and creation of necessary facilities and infrastructure to perform easy financial services.

Considering the ever-increasing development of the application and its role in facilitating the social and financial life of users, it can be claimed that Rubika is one of the most prominent applications that provides services in various fields and can respond to the diverse needs of users. By downloading Rubika, you get a powerful program that is a powerful service toolbox and can solve your needs in a mobile phone in one place. Rubika has tried to provide all its services for free with a simple and understandable user interface. to empower his audience and show them that an Iranian program can also appear at the level of big programs.
Rubik's is a complete set of different features that are perfectly placed together and made an attractive and of course free super application for you. Be sure to download Rubika only from reputable app stores such as Miket or Rubika's main site, otherwise you may install Android malware on your phone by mistake. Please note that this is the only official version of Rubik's in Persian markets, which is regularly updated through Myket and can be easily downloaded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the internet using the program free?


How is the Rubika app support?

If you encounter a problem while using the program, you can call 021-42517 or mention it in the comment section of the program on Mykit, our experts will answer you as soon as possible and try to solve the problem.

How do I make money on Rubik's?

Similar to Telegram, you can earn money in the program by creating a channel, creating attractive content for it and increasing members. The way it works is that for the number of downloads or views, an income is included for your account, which you can later convert into cash.

What is rubino?

It is a part of the Rubika program that is similar to Instagram and tries to replace it by meeting the needs of Iranian users. In fact, this program is like a native Instagram.

The ability to convert voice messages to text,
the addition of advanced themes,
the ability to create QR codes for channels and users, the
advanced display of the amount of memory usage,
the ability to set the number of media displays in the media tab,
the addition of gifs tab and the addition Similar channels tab
Possibility to add exceptions in privacy
Possibility to spoil images and videos
Show related channels when joining the channel
Show similar pages of Rubino
Photo on photo widget in the story

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