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Hey All. If you want to connect with us to get latest updates , or if you want any type of enquiry, Contact us here-

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    1. dear, we dont post a new article every time, We update the old article with new version changelog, details and download link. So may be, because of old posts, subscription will not work properly. We will think about it. Till then, Be updated with facebook page/facebook group/whatsapp group/telegram channel.

  3. hey can you hear me? I like ur site! but.... I miss some app! like... Evernote ,Poweramp player (not beta),,, can you fix it with update???

  4. You are a pro in patching and modding apps. Please can you make a modded version of uc browser by removing their ads and No deleteable bookmarks page.

    1. Dear. Uc browser is dangerous for your phone & privacy. So i dont mod it.

  5. Hello Rb I Am Your Great Fan I Want A Modded Apk Of careem version 8.6.3 as it outdated and no longer supported i can pay for that kindly see my appeal i really want your help

  6. You are a Great Patcher and modder bro !! Love your work. I had downloaded many apps modded by u. Can you please mod the latest saavn music app its version is 6.0.6

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  8. Please upload thop tv latest adfree virsion please


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