Some Useful Android Tips By Rockmods

Here i am, RB is back again with some original Rockmods tips for you. It will get updated day by day. Till then Enjoy.

• There are many 3rd party Apps with features for social media, like fella, folio for Fb, flamingo for twitter and much More. They can save a lot of data and ram and battery for you. Try them once.

• Using the Phone while charging is ok  But playing games while charging can cause you damage, if the Phone is no branded.

• If your Android support double tap to wake screen feature, install custom launcher or screen off app to lock the screen. It can save your hardware lock button to a very extended time , if you are a long term smartphone user.

• Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite are better than original Apps. These small apps cant look into Your Privacy much like the original Apps. + You can turn off unnecessary permissions in app info of Fb Lite & Messenger Lite to Stop your privacy leak upto 90%.

• Cleaning Apps from recents doesnt work in all the Phones. Try restarting your device if its hanging or you wanna play Pubg.

• If You are going to meet with someone and want to hide some imp whatsapp chats from the person, just archive all that chats and turn your phone on airplane Mode. The other person most probably wont go till the last 2 months old chats. If the reason of airplane mode is asked, just tell them that your friend is calling you to borrow some money and you don't wanna give, so you switched to airplane mode.

• Restart Your Phone once in 24 Hours

• Never Charge Your Phone More than 12 hrs.

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  1. Thanx for the tips!
    Also I was going to use double tap to wake screen but was unsure and you cleared my doubts! Keep it up! ����