Some Useful Android Tips By Rockmods


Here i am, RB is back again with some original Rockmods tips for you. It will get updated day by day. Till then Enjoy.

• There are many 3rd party Apps with features for social media, like fella, folio for Fb, flamingo for twitter and much More. They can save a lot of data and ram and battery for you. Try them once. Rather than using Original Facebook, messenger, twitter and More.

• Using the Phone while charging is ok  But playing games while charging can cause you damage, if the Phone is not branded.

• If your Android support double tap to wake screen feature, install custom launcher or screen off app to lock the screen. It can save your hardware lock button to a very extended time , if you are a long term smartphone user.

• Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite were better than original Apps. But Now They are not. Kindly use Fella for Facebook and save Your Privacy.

• Cleaning Apps from recents doesnt work in all the Phones. Try restarting your device if its hanging or you wanna play Pubg.

• Restart Your Phone once in 24 Hours

• Never Charge Your Phone More than 12 hrs.

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  1. Thanx for the tips!
    Also I was going to use double tap to wake screen but was unsure and you cleared my doubts! Keep it up! ����