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Hey, RB is Back, Before a month, I was updating my Phone(it was an android Pie system update) Through a hacked wifi. After i downloaded and updated the Phone, I tried to Hack it again to download some free content, But i was unable to do it because WPS WPA TESTER APP DOESNT WORK IN ANDROID PIE. So Yesterday, I found a method to connect to that wifi without knowing the password and then i cracked the password too. This trick/method can be available on internet months ago, But I discovered it on my own, And thats what i do for You All the time. So Lets begin.

1. Whats Needed ?
• A Xiaomi/Redmi Smartphone or Any Smartphone running on Miui OS
• If You dont Have Xiaomi/Redmi Smartphone, Post will still Help you, Give a Look once.

2. What are the Conditions ?
• If the Wifi is Wps enabled without filter. Simply Hack it directly with this App WPS WPA TESTER PREMIUM (Android Version must be below Pie to let this app work properly.)
• If the Wifi is not wps enabled. Try to Convince the owner of the wifi to let you connect for just 1 minute.
• If You are in a hotel, they will fill the password by their own hand and You will get connected.
• If There is a scannable qr Code Pasted on the wall or desk of the Hotel or building to get Connected, Take a Picture of it. [If the QR Code is available , Then Any Smartphone Will Work, No Xiaomi/Redmi or Miui Os running smartphone needed]

3. How to Extract the Password ?
• Once You are connected to the wifi network. Go to Your Xiaomi/Redmi Smartphone Wifi Settings, There , You will see, TAP TO SHARE PASSWORD OPTION. (If your Non Xiaomi/Redmi Phone has this option also, then Below process is same for Your Non Xiaomi/Redmi Phone too)

• Click on It and A New Popup Will come Like this. It is a Generated QR Code of the Wifi.

• First Take a screenshot of this & Any Of Your Friend can scan it too to directly connect to that wifi.
• After Taking The Screenshot, Simply, Open Any Browser, and go to this LINK

• Click on Choose File and select the screenshot File & Click on submit and wait , The next screen will be Your Wifi Name & Password. Note it or Ss it. Eg.-

4. Whats the Need of Extraction, When we can share wifi with Xiaomi/Redmi Device ?
Well, Its not sure that everytime you want to connect a new device to the wifi, The Redmi/Xiaomi device will be available to You to share wifi , thats why Extraction is Imp.

5. What If We dont have a Xiaomi/Redmi Device ?
• Well, Now A days, this share wifi option is available in Some Other Brand Smartphones too, So The Process is same as above.
• Many People owns Redmi/Xiaomi Device, Borrow one from a friend for 2 Minutes.
• If the Wifi can be hacked, Then simply Hack it everytime, if you change devices quickly.
• If the Wifi cant be hacked, Then First Try to Have a Redmi/Xiaomi Device , before getting connected to the network by any way, convincing or whatever.
• If the Wifi is owned by Your Friend and He has a Redmi/Xiaomi/Miui os Running Smartphone, then YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO 😛.


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  1. Bgai ye chiz mujhe 3 sal se pta hai

    1. Sorry for wasting Your Time , but many users dont own xiaomi Phones or use miui, so they dont know about sharing wifi. And even if some know, they dont know about Decoding of qr code. So by this post, Many people Can now access the password. I lost my rooted Phone, And running phone is on android Pie. So i was unable to hack or connect. So i tried this. I always choose to Know things myself, thats why, there are many things, left for me to know.